Primary Classroom Student

Children's House (33 months - 6 years)

"I need to see a world outside for myself"

The Children's House classroom is a purposefully structured environment that supports this sensorial learner whose definitive goal remains that of self-construction.

The room provides opportunities for the child to work with materials that captivate their attention and have the indirect purpose of supporting their growth toward independence. The child experiences an enriching and nurturing hands-on learning experience, helping them grow in intellectual, emotional, physical and social independence.

The child chooses activities from specific work areas in the classroom. Through these activities, children make discoveries in language, math, geography, music and other subject areas. Activities are centered around five focus areas:  Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, Mathematics and Cultural Subjects.

Practical Life is an area which offers purposeful activities that teach a child how to care for his or her self and the environment in which they live. Within these activities the child is offered the opportunity to choose work based on interest, aiding them in extending and deepening concentration and developing coordinated movements, task orientation, initiative, persistence and confidence in their abilities. These are learning characteristics that lay the foundation for later academic work.

Sensorial activities isolate qualities such as color, shape and size, allowing the child to experience each quality through their senses. Work with these materials enables them to abstract the qualities they need for sorting and classifying the world around them. The work in this area lays the groundwork for sciences, mathematics and expression.

The Language area is rich in both spoken and written language experiences. Individual activities allow the child to explore and discover the English language through concrete materials such as sandpaper letters and moveable alphabets. The child uncovers the wonder of sounds and symbols as they progress to reading, writing and the creation of stories and other forms of self expression.

Mathematics activities at the Children's House level introduce materials designed to isolate individual math concepts. The child explores numbers and their relationships, sequence, mathematical operations and memorization of math facts. The child develops a thorough understanding of the decimal system through the use of manipulative materials. Work with concrete materials in the math area prepares them for higher-level abstract thinking at the next level.

Cultural subjects such as art, music, geography, science and nature are integrated into the curriculum throughout the classroom. The exploration of our culture and of the natural world provides many opportunities for enriching the young mind.

The Children's House program supports the child as he or she develops a sense of mastery and accomplishment that leads to the next level of development.

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