Elementary class students

Elementary Program (6 - 12 years)

"I need to understand my place in the group and in society"

The nature and needs of the child begin to change as they move to the second plane of development. They have the ability to think more abstractly, require variety rather than repetition, want to function as a member of a team, are developing a sense of justice, and possess a powerful and expansive imagination.

To address the child's changing psychological characteristics, lessons change from the more individualized to smaller group lessons and collaborative projects at the elementary level. 

Elementary studentsThe elementary child is possessed of a mind that learns by questioning and reasoning. Besides having great powers of intellect, they are very imaginative and creative. The materials and the way in which concepts are presented evoke this imagination and serve to help the child in increasingly abstract understanding. Besides skill building in core curriculum subjects such as reading, writing and mathematics, the Montessori Method provides an interdisciplinary view to help the child discover and appreciate the interconnections of knowledge and life on Earth. 

Subject areas are integrated throughout the curriculum in addition to being presented as separate disciplines. The Montessori Elementary curriculum provides a framework for study by first presenting the "big idea." The teacher then follows up by illuminating the details through stories, pictures, charts, concrete Montessori materials, and timelines to enrich the child's understanding. The program focus areas are: Language, Mathematics, Biology, Geography, Geometry, History, Music, and Art. 

Dr. Montessori's lifelong goal was peace on Earth. The Elementary Program helps the child develop a deep appreciation for the vital connections between human beings, setting the stage for a peaceful future for humanity.  

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