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Junior High (7th-9th Grades)

“I am capable of creating a life that honors my unique needs while at the same time honoring the needs of others."

Montessori philosophy views adolescence as a period of great transformation and extraordinary potential. The adolescent thrives in an environment rich in purposeful work in which they are developing skills and not simply acquiring knowledge.

St. Croix Montessori School (SCMS) provides an innovative land and farm-based educational program in which adolescents can excel academically, engage in meaningful work, acquire leadership skills and learn to care for themselves, their peers, the environment and their community.

The curriculum is interdisciplinary with a strong emphasis on science, math, humanities and arts. It is centered on topics that have personal, environmental and societal relevance, and that allow for discussion and debate. Academically, the adolescent program is rigorous, providing students an avenue for accurate self-assessment and individualized goal setting that emphasizes challenge, achievement and accountability. It also respects and provides free space for thoughtful choice on projects meaningful to the student, and time to independently prioritize one’s work and manage it according to one’s own learning style.

A unique entrepreneurial element in the curriculum is a student-run micro-business that is selected and developed each year. The business offers products and services to the larger community and is managed entirely by the students. This experience orients students to the concepts of entrepreneurship, production and exchange. Understanding these concepts is essential to the development of self-reliance and economic awareness during adolescence.

Meaningful connection to the land and animals is an integral part of the program. SCMS offers the only farm-based junior high Montessori in the Twin Cities and is one of only a handful nationwide. Classes are held in a renovated farmhouse on the SCMS Campus which allows students to have their own space, care for the farm animals and explore nature. SCMS is proud to have a trained environmentalist on staff who will be working closely with the lead teachers to optimize the environmental focus of the program.

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