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Molly Ramsay - Montessori Guide

Molly RamsayMolly has been a Primary Guide with the school since 1993. She began her journey in Montessori education while pursuing a Master’s degree in Elementary Education. She “realized that everything they said was best practice in teaching, we were doing in the Montessori and they weren't doing in conventional schools. I couldn't continue with the conventional path. I followed what soon became my passion.” Molly earned a Bachelor’s degree in French (St. Catherine University, Pi Delta Phi French Honor Society and Phi Beta Kappa) and her Montessori Primary certificate. At SCMS, she appreciates “seeing a child become engrossed in challenging work. The look of sheer joy on a small face as success is attained” and “the daily hugs.”

Molly grew up in Stillwater, MN and lives in Hudson, WI with her husband and “naughty but adorable dog, Bo.” Her grown sons both live a bit farther East in WI. Her favorite activities are reading, swimming, walking, and singing along to music while cooking (while alone). If she could meet one famous dead person, it would be James Herriot because “I would love to hear his stories first-hand, perhaps over a pint (not that I really much like beer).” Her favorite game is Cranium and the super power she would most wish for would be to fly (she took a couple of flying lessons when she was fifteen years old).

Malvika Singh

Malvika SinghMalvika is in her first year as an Assistant in Primary North, having spent her summer working at SCMS camp. She received her diploma in Electronics and Communications from GPG, Ahmedabad, India, and holds a BA in English Literature from Ignou, India. She has her Primary, AMI certification from the Training Center of Minnesota. One of her favorite moments at SCMS was working with individual children and giving presentations during her student teaching last school year. She loves nature walks and having the opportunity to explore the outdoor environment at SCMS. She was inspired by the Montessori culture and powerful impact that a Montessori environment has on her child’s foundational development. “Working with children and watching them work for their self-construction gives me natural joy.”

Originally from Gorakhpur, India, she currently lives in St. Paul with her husband and 4-year-old son who also attends SCMS. Cooking different types of food is her stress buster and she likes to experiment with different types of dishes, especially Indian. She always misses her parents who live in India. She wishes for a time machine in which she could sit every Friday evening to reach her parents’ home in India within a second and come back to her home every Sunday night with just a press of a button.

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