Primary North Staff

Jen Bremer - Montessori Guide

Jen BremerJen has worked as a Primary Guide at SCMS since 2009. She loves “that children can be individuals and I can meet their needs individually. They have the opportunity to master different tasks/challenges by working out the solutions on their own.” She earned a Bachelor’s in Psychology (University of Minnesota – Twin Cities) and a Montessori certificate (Montessori Training Center of MN). Jen’s favorite aspect of SCMS is the school grounds:  “I love our outdoor space so much! The yard where children can work, the prairie for nature walks, the animals, the playground. I love that spending time outside is accessible and prioritized. Also, the skating rink.”

Jen’s hometown is Red Wing, MN and she lives in St. Paul with her husband Brad and three sons (two of whom attend SCMS). She enjoys reading, camping, and watching baseball. Jen’s favorite movies are the Sandlot and the Star Wars movies. When she is alone in the car, she will sing along with any song she knows the words to, including “Ho Hey” by the Lumineers.

Jessica Westman - Assistant

Jessica WestmanJessica has been an assistant in Primary North since 2015. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in English Literature (University of Wisconsin, River Falls). Jessica was inspired to teach Montessori while “working at SCMS for aftercare initially and seeing how the children work, how capable they are, and how they enjoy school.” Her interest grew as she learned more about the philosophy and read Dr. Montessori’s books. Jessica’s favorite moment at SCMS came when some students introduced her to the game of chess. She says that “they were so passionate and excited about sharing the knowledge of the game that they even told me the story of its origins. They went on to play a few games against me and they gave me hints when I needed them and even let me win. For them, it wasn’t about a game or about winning it.”

Originally from Braham, MN, she currently lives in the SCMS area with her dog. Her main hobby is running and her favorite movie is Frozen. If she was stranded on an island and could choose one tool and one food item, she would definitely request a utility knife (“It could be used for things from hunting, to building shelter, to carving crafts for creative entertainment”) and chocolate (“because I’d miss it more than anything else!”).

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