Elementary Staff

Mandie Bonilla-Ortiz - Lower Elementary Guide

Mandie is the new Lower Elementary guide at SCMS in 2016. She was inspired to become a Montessori guide “after reading one paragraph about this inspiring woman named Maria Montessori.” She holds AMI certification (Milwaukee), a Master’s degree (St. Catherine University), and a Bachelor’s degree (University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee).

Mandie’s hometown is Hudson, WI. She recently got married and she has a cat named Cowboy. Her hobbies are making cold processed soap, knitting, cooking, and snowboarding. Her favorite musician is Regina Spektor and her favorite game is Settlers of Catan. One random fact about Mandie: her arm is double jointed.

Sheri Rylicki - Upper Elementary Guide

Sheri Rylicki is St. Croix Montessori School's Upper Elementary Guide. After over 15 years in administration, Sheri is thrilled to be in the classroom where she can share her love of math, storytelling and inspiring students to challenge themselves academically, socially and physically. Sheri was drawn to Montessori teaching when she “fell in love with the level of respect and independence that the children are given. It’s amazing to see how capable children can be when given the right tools and guidance.” Sheri has earned many degrees and certificates, including: AMI Elementary Diploma (Montessori Center of MN), AMI Montessori Orientation to Adolescent Studies 12-18 (the Association Montessori International), a Master’s degree (John Carroll University), and a Bachelor’s degree (Hamline University). At SCMS, Sheri most appreciates the children’s friendliness, their respectfulness, and their sense of humor.

Originally from Endeavor, WI, Sheri has a husband of 27 years, four children (one graduate of SCMS and two current students), two grandchildren (also current SCMS students) and a friendly dog. She enjoys reading, volleyball, and driving the boat. If she could choose one superpower, it would be “invisibility – oh the things I could do and know!”

Emily Sies-Mandel - Elementary Assistant

Emily has worked as an assistant and as the director of the summer camp program at SCMS since 2013. She has an AMI Assistant Certification (MTCM), a Master’s degree (University of Minnesota), and a Bachelor’s degree (Luther College). She appreciates how “the Montessori philosophy instills confidence and independence through experiential learning opportunities within and around the classroom and community.” At SCMS, she is happy “whenever a student is really excited to show me something that they have worked very hard at and are proud of.” She has observed that SCMS students love the outdoors and are eager to help one another. Her favorite moments at SCMS are playing “lightening” basketball with the Elementary kids.

Originally from Freeport, IL, Emily lives with her “wonderfully bearded husband and two adventuresome kids.” Her hobbies are “painting, kayaking, being in the outdoors, spending time with family, listening to records, writing, drinking good coffee.” If she could meet any famous person, dead or alive, it would be “Artemisia Gentileschi, a 17th century female Baroque painter...she helped to pave the way for women in the arts.” Fun fact about Emily: she is an amazing Rock Paper Scissors game player.

Emma Gohlke (Emma June)

Emma started her first year working as an assistant in SCMS in 2016, following three summers of assisting at the SCMS summer camp. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood education at University of Wisconsin, River Falls. Her favorite moment so far at SCMS was when a child demonstrated his “yoga” to her.

Originally from Endeavor, WI, Emma enjoys volleyball, quilting, spending time with family, Brett Eldredge, and Snowmobiling. She has a dog named Gus.


David Ormberg - Elementary/Junior High Spanish Teacher

David has been teaching Spanish at SCMS since 2015. David was inspired to teach in a Montessori school because he was interested in expanding his “experience and learning new ways to work with children.” At SCMS, he has observed that “students are always eager to learn and help others” and his favorite moment at SCMS was “collecting and making syrup with the children and having a pancake feed.” David has a Bachelor’s degree in both Law Enforcement and Spanish.

From Worthington, MN, David has an older brother and sister and both parents. His hobbies are fishing and boating. If he could meet any famous person, dead or alive, it would be Henry David Thoreau “because of his philosophy of simplicity.” If he was stranded on an island and could choose one tool and one food item for survival, he would choose a pizza cutter and a pizza. Fun fact about David: he loves scary movies.

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